Contemporary Art

What is Contemporary Art?

Art is a medium that conveys a great feeling, in which mastering is possible only through a practice, through penance, for some the art is born by birth, for some it is born by the practice of quest, Sudhakanth is the natural painter who possesses such art by birth, but with all that stop art He has a master’s degree in art and has mastered and mastered the art of handicrafts.


  • Contemporary Abstract Expression
  • Contemporary Decorative
  • Portraits
  • Mural Reliefs and Paintings
  • Fiber Sculptures
  • Acrylic and Oil Mediums on Canvas

I’ve gotten to work with some amazing brands!


Sudhakanth expresses his emotional world through art, and the spectators or readers let this world pass through the realm of their sensuality.

— Jayaprakash Narayana, President of Lok Satta Party

Sudhakanth then portrays his psychological states in an attempt to comprehend his ‘Self’. He is an expressionistic language and his style affiliates itself to the figural types of Picasso and Moore.

— Rohini Ayengar, Art Historian

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