My Statement

Synthesis of Emotions with Line Color and Texture

As an Artist, I am experimenting the human emotions in the synthesis of Subjective and Objective parameters, following these norms, Depicting the paintings with different instincts, Moods, Emotions, Simulations well in Conscious and Subconscious state of mind with abstract Idioms. Pertaining to this I am registering the optical view with primaries and secondary colors and with the various Textures.

Focusing the Sigmund Freud ‘s mentalities particulars the ‘super ego’ which balances the positive and negative attitudes and presenting self control behavioral approach. Taking present societal behavioral attitude of different personalities and politics going to place on the Canvas with appropriate Coloration.

The Thought process on Emotional Behaviors in terms of Sex, Lust, Vengeance, Possessiveness, Self centered, Contemplation, Jealousy, Imbued in the works evoked with Enigmas of the Society.

Moreover Time bound Existence of Mans Life and Deaths correlating these emotions in aesthetic and philosophical Presentation with semi figurative and abstractive in representational way.

As an artist, while I attracted to opposite genders sensitiveness, sex appeal and their typical behaviors and attitudes by observing them taking the inspiration in neutral state of mind.

However while depicting the imageries, the visualization of line, color and textures are highlighted with figurative values also insisted. The emphasis of Freud ’s theory, my keen observation of different personalities and their psychological approaches towards their desires have been drawn on canvases.

In my perspective Life begins with abstract ,Learn with reality, again ends with Abstract. Here the Surrealistic aspect is Fate, Time, and Destiny.

In between two ends Birth and Death of life is most remarkable time is Hedonist, Hedonistic, Hedonism and Empathy which leads in every life.

Most Significance aspects are fashion, Food and Art for Utility, Creativity and Culture is the main process of life which reflects in every civilizations.

I depicting these themes of subject matters, conceptually, in sarcastic way, seriously, satirically , and analytically.


I’ve gotten to work with some amazing brands!


Sudhakanth expresses his emotional world through art, and the spectators or readers let this world pass through the realm of their sensuality.

— Jayaprakash Narayana, President of Lok Satta Party

Sudhakanth then portrays his psychological states in an attempt to comprehend his ‘Self’. He is an expressionistic language and his style affiliates itself to the figural types of Picasso and Moore.

— Rohini Ayengar, Art Historian

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