Sand Art

What is Sand Art?

Sandart is world-renowned as a revolutionary medium in contemporary art. All that is needed is a good grasp of sketching, which is the source of psychic art, as well as memory power, memory, storytelling creativity, storytelling, screenplay, screenplay, technology, camera, and technology. It is very important to be present. Also, sand is an important tool here. The art specializes in painting the figures with the help of light shadows by removing the sand, illuminating it directly, leaving the audience with a wonderful melody of the feeling that those who are so enlightened have.


  • Live Performance
  • Corporate
  • Wedding
  • Personal and Public Events
  • Biopics
  • Branding
  • Offline Videos

I’ve gotten to work with some amazing brands!


Sudhakanth expresses his emotional world through art, and the spectators or readers let this world pass through the realm of their sensuality.

— Jayaprakash Narayana, President of Lok Satta Party

Sudhakanth then portrays his psychological states in an attempt to comprehend his ‘Self’. He is an expressionistic language and his style affiliates itself to the figural types of Picasso and Moore.

— Rohini Ayengar, Art Historian

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